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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Tefal Cuisine Companion is perfect for making home made jam. This raspberry jam does not need pectin, grated apple or gelatine to set the jam. It has 2 ingredients only, frozen raspberries and sugar and is absolutely delicious. This jam is not overly sweet and perfectly compliments sweet cakes which are topped or frosted with a sweet frosting or chocolate ganache. 

Note: I only make small amounts of this jam for cakes. You can increase the quantity to 500 gms frozen raspberries and 320 gms sugar and cook for an extra 5 mins or until syrupy. This jam keeps well when refrigerated.

300gms frozen raspberries
210 gms sugar
Insert mixing blade
Stopper out but place paper towelling over hole in lid to prevent splattering.
Add raspberries and sugar
Check if jam is set to your liking (jam will continue to set upon standing).
Strain through sieve to remove seeds by stirring and pressing down with a metal spoon.

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